"Pegorer's solo, partnering a long pink boa, showed wit and intelligence."

Donald Hutera  (14.01.2013 The Times)

'Approximation' 2013

“Instead of representing the sweat and the –almost- sexual intensity

of the real Tango dancers, the virtual figures show something else"

"The iconoclast dancer of Tango”

Sebastian Lubrano (Le Figaro 2004)

‘Tango Graffiti’ @ Imagina Festival as part of Monaco Dance Forum 2004

“The women, in simple dresses, curved across the space together,

with a calm focus that was immediately engaging.

Flirting with the soft vibrancy of the tango form,

the dancers experimented with the letting go of the necessity

for a strong leader and follower”

Erin Johnson (Bachtrack, 23.09.2013)

'Dis/tr-action' with Caroline Waters, GoLive Festival London 2013

“The duet complemented the music brilliantly and added a bit of lushness to this simple subtle dance. An inspired interpretation of tango.

The subtle tango-like moves incorporated elegant, lithe intentions.

This dance was performed beautifully”

Thea Nerissa Barnes (Critical Dance 2006)

'Adagioconbrio', London 2006

with Dylan Elmore (dancer) Simon Hyde (video manipulation) 

Rui Pereira (electric guitar)